Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah is the day that we end the annual cycle of the reading of the Torah, and then immediately begin that cycle all over again. It is a powerful and awesome day, and we celebrate it in a very interesting way: synagogues throughout the world take their Torahs out of the Ark and dance around the synagogue with them. Adults participate as well as children; the entire community joins in.

What is it about this book that we celebrate it in such a joyous, special way? It is a powerful book, fascinating and unique, a book of intrigue, adventure, and romance. It is full of endless ethical and spiritual lessons and profound Jewish concepts and teachings. For all of these reasons, I think we need to make this book, the Torah, a real part of our lives.

So this year, when we celebrate the end of the Torah and prepare ourselves to begin the cycle anew, we should maybe think about committing ourselves to the regular study of Torah. I wish you tremendous success and reward in doing this. Have a wonderful Simchat Torah.