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Articles on the weekly Torah readings

Below you will find a list of articles about each week’s Torah reading, written by Rabbi David Kalb, the Rabbi of the Jewish Learning Center of New York. Click on the Torah reading of the week or any article that interests you.


Bereishit: A World of Pure Imagination…Almost

Noach: What is a Tzaddik (A Righteous Person)? – A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Lech Lecha: The Journey – Born To Run

Vayera: Open Eyes, Heart, Mind and Hand – Eyes Of The World

Chayei Sarah: When I’m 64

Toldot: Teach Your Children

Vayeitzei: Stairway To Heaven

Vayishlach: The Wrestler

Vayeshev: So Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson/Mrs. Potifar

Miketz: Dream Weaver

Vayigash: See Me, Feel Me

Vayechi: You Can’t Always Get What You Want


Shemot: Those Shoes

Va’eira: Oh The Water

Bo (this week I dare say as in Bowie) – Far Above the Moon

Beshalach: Hotel California

Yitro: Springsteen River Revelation

Mishpatim: Thunder Road

Terumah: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Tetzave (will be posted soon)

Ki Tisa: Lookin’ For God

Vayakhel: Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Pekudei (will be posted soon)


Vayikra: It’s A Gettin’ Closer

Tzav/Shabbat Hagadol: Redemption Song

Shemini: Springsteen, The Grateful Dead and the Sons of Aaron the High Priest. What is the Connection?

Tazria (will be posted soon)

Metzora (will be posted soon)

Achrei Mot (will be posted soon)

Kedoshim: Fail Grasp On The Big Picture

Emor: Turn On Your Love Light

Behar (will be posted soon)

Bechukotai: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood


Bamidbar: Get Together

Naso: I Am A Rock


Sh’lach (will be posted soon)

Korach (will be posted soon)

Chukat (will be posted soon)

Balak: There’s A Man With A Gun Over There

Pinchas: Murder By The Tabernacle

Matot-Masei (will be posted soon)


Devarim/Shabbat Chazon: Kick Your Shoes Off

Vaetchanan (will be posted soon)

Eikev (will be posted soon)

Re’eh (will be posted soon)

Shoftim (will be posted soon)

Ki Teitzei (will be posted soon)

Ki Tavo (will be posted soon)

Nitzavim (will be posted soon)

Vayeilech (will be posted soon)

Ha-Azinu (will be posted soon)


Rosh Hashanah: Teshuvah, Repentance, the Flip Side

Yom Kippur: Repentance, Atonement And Independence

Sukkot and Journey

Shemini Atzeret (will be posted soon)

Simchat Torah

Jews and Thanksgiving: A Love Story (, 11/23/14)

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving: Once-in-a-lifetime (Jerusalem Post, 11/27/13)

Hanukkah at the White House


Martin Luther King Jr. Day (will be posted soon)

Tu B’Shevat (will be posted soon)

Shabbat Zachor, Purim: Remember

Springsteen, The River and The Red Sea

Shavuot (will be posted soon)

Tisha B’Av (will be posted soon)


Rosh Chodesh


Other Articles

The 3,000-Year-Old Secret to Switching Off (for a Switched-On World) (Huffington Post, 11/1/12)

Coinciding Holy Times: Let It Be

Thoughts On The Release Of Gilad Shalit
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