The Great Texts of Judaism Class

The importance of Judaism’s sacred texts is the basis of our religious values and practices. However, the importance of these documents extend far beyond their theological significance. These classic works embody not only Judaism’s spiritual ideals, but also the historical, cultural and social heritage of the Jewish people.

In the Diaspora and in Israel where attitudes towards Judaism range from diverse expressions of religion all the way to the most secular approach to Jewish life, Jewish texts carry a variety of meanings. They range from a spiritual, moral and practical guide to everyday life, to a historical and cultural wealth, which is critically examined and analyzed. The stories, ideas and philosophies of the sacred texts, encompassing millennia of Jewish study and thought are evident in much of the Jewish people’s culture, which draws on the legacies of the past even as it gives voice to the issues of the present and goals for the future.

Great Texts of Judaism

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