A Big Idea in Judaism

Daf Yomi, translated as, “a page per day” or “the page of the day,” is a daily program of Talmud study. The Talmud is a multi-volume text of Jewish law and lore. There are two versions of the Talmud: The Talmud Bavli (the Babylonian Talmud) and the Talmud Yerushalmi (the Jerusalem Talmud). The Daf Yomi program, which was designed for the Talmud Bavli, takes a reader through all 2,711 double-sided pages, in seven and a half years. A Daf, consists of both sides of the page. Over 300,000 Jews all over the world participate in the Daf Yomi, and stadiums are used throughout the globe for the Siyum HaShas, an event celebrating the completion of the cycle of study.

The Jewish Learning Center is pleased to present a new concept in studying The Daf Yomi: “A Big Idea In Judaism.” This class focuses on a big idea in the Daf Yomi, which in turn is a big idea in Judaism. In order to participate, click here to email.

Rabbi Kalb studies every word of the Daf in preparation for the class, each day. However, for the actual session, he focuses on one big idea on the Daf and presents it. There is no preparation necessary to participate in this class. But, if you’d like to engage in the learning in a more in depth way, we encourage students to download the Talmud Bavli Online App. It has an English translation and it is free. For Shabbat study, a hard copy of the Daf is available from the Sefaria website. Click the link below. It can be printed out before Sundown on Friday.