Bible Bonanza – The Daily Study of Bible 

Bible Bonanza is a program in which one reads this classic text, five chapters a day and completes the entire Bible (Tanakh in Hebrew) in just under nine months. Bonanza means a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, it was also a cowboy TV show from the 60s. Studying the Tanakh, will not bring you financial prosperity (although, you never know, just joking) however, it is a source of spiritual and intellectual sustenance. Explore the Bible, you will discover the basis of our theology and practices. The Tanakh embodies Judaism’s ideas and central narratives.

In Israel and throughout the diaspora, where philosophies of Judaism are diverse, the study of the Bible can often be what creates commonality. The Bible encompasses the early story of our people. It is the foundation of Jewish tradition as it speaks to the great issues of our own times and helps chart a path for the future.

Rabbi Kalb teaches a class every day on Facebook Live. To view these videos, simply go to Rabbi Kalb’s profile on Facebook, which is: David Kalb. Feel free to join him daily or once in a while. Whatever works for you. The sessions on Facebook Live are automatically recorded so you can listen to them at a time that is convenient for you. If you wish to learn the Bible daily but do not want to participate in the classes, that is also fine. 

We began on Wednesday, May 1st, (however, if you just found out about this, it’s never too late to start) and we will end sometime in January. We will be announcing the exact date of our completion as we get closer to the end. We will publicize our Siyum, a special event to celebrate the culmination of our collective learning.